The Once Lost But Now Found 'Nation of Israel'The Once Lost But Now Found 'Nation of Israel'

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“The Book of Ephraim” reveals The Stolen Biblical Heritage of the Black Man and Woman in America

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The following is a reprint of a booklet written to former and current members of the Nation of Islam
by Yahoshuah ben Sadic, author of "The Book of Ephraim"
IN THE NAME OF THE HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, MESSENGER OF ALLAH This book is dedicated to the members of the dynamic and much prophesied Nation of Islam. It is especially directed to those original members who embraced the tenets that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad established of nationhood, unity, and independence.

If you are reading these words you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams. I say this because there are those who prayed for this day and longed with all their heart to see it but have passed away or been broken on the road of life. Today, more than any time in the history of the Nation of Islam, the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad ring true. We live in a world that has become separated into two camps. Those who follow blindly in the direction that America leads, and those who seek to fight against her evil. And those who sit and say nothing or grumble among themselves like cowards huddled in the dark. They are too scared to stand up and call her the devil that she is. The cursed Babylon of the old and new testament Bible scriptures.

The United States has manifested itself indisputably as the daughter of wicked Babylon depicted in the Book of Revelations of the Bible. In the Bible a great city (nation) is described as ruling over all the earth. This nation is said to be able to do whatever she wills against the whole world and that all nations trembled before her in fear of her military might. It is said that this nation is so wicked that within her borders lived every demon and evil spirit known to man and that she stood defiant against any nation that would condemn her evil ways. America's self-delusion is so immense that she stands up after doing evil and boldly exclaims "what evil have I done?". And because the world fears her, no one will stand against her wickedness. The whole world is afraid of America, yet one man the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, revealed many years ago that America was Babylon of the Bible. ********2


Not only was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Messenger of Allah to the so-called American Negro, he was a Messenger to the world. Living in one of the most dangerous of times for the Black man, the Messenger stood up and declared that the white man was none other than the devil of Scripture. Imagine how courageous he was to teach this all over America when white men were lynching us for any reason or no reason at all. Of course I don't need to teach you about the devil. Many of you reading this have taught these very same teachings and probably a lot more dynamically than I did myself. What I do need to tell you is that what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad preached about the last days of the white man's rule is finally here today. We are living in the time of the fall of America. America and her European comrades will be destroyed and the power of white supremacy will vanish from the earth forever.

It is the destiny of the Nation of Islam to stamp out the false teachings of all the religions of this present world, including Christianity and Islam. When I say Islam I mean that we are not to take direction and instruction from the Orthodox Muslims or as you will see from the Orthodox Jew.

Remember, The Nation of Islam was established to be at odds with the entire world. Why? Because the entire world has been deceived by the devil's teachings. He has perverted all the scriptures and his diabolical religious doctrines have poisoned the very concepts of spiritual truth. This world cannot obtain pure truth because its very atmosphere reeks of poisonous teachings that pollute the truth. Dissatisfaction has reached such a level that the Earth is righting the wrong. She is in the process of purifying herself, cleansing herself so that a child (The Nation of Islam) can grow strong and re make the world. All this is prophesied in the Bible. It has been there yet we were not permitted to see clear until now. This is a blessed day (As the Messenger would say) because we are about to be transformed into the fulfillment of prophecy right before the very eyes of the entire world. ********3


In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye the Almighty is going to manifest us as the divinely resurrected lost house of the Children of Israel. A nation that the world has been awaiting for thousands of years. In the past we have made reference to the Children of Israel but have always stopped short of taking the next step. Why? Because Allah prevented us from seeing all the way because the time was not right. Today, brothers and sisters, time has come to full term. There will be no denying the truth. We have been blessed with so much knowledge that as the scriptures say, no one will be able to resist or stand against the knowledge we have been given. We are about to stand on Mt. Zion with a new name, and new knowledge, (the scriptures says the resurrected Nation of Israel had a new song that none could learn but the 144,000 first fruits). Each of you will have so much knowledge that the truth will come forth from you like a double edge sword that cuts back and forth. I guarantee you that no one will be able to match the wisdom that Allah will provide to you. Today we are ready to manifest the divine power that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught would lead to the destruction of this wicked white world. There is no middle way. There is no politically correct position that we as his followers are suppose to take. This would only be possible if we did not believe in the original teaching of the Messenger. There is no comprise with a society that was built on the blood, tears and terrible suffering of a hundred million black mothers crying for their murdered children. A society that allows our children to be drugged, and brutally beaten in the streets and then the courts finds the killers not guilty. I know that many of you had given up hope that this day would come. Believe me it has arrived and power is at hand. It is up to you to grab hold to it. Will you take the sword of truth and kill the devil? You have absolutely nothing to lose but you have the world to gain. ********4**


As I sat listening to Minister Farrakhan I knew that a sign would be given to indicate our direction. I knew that the power of the Almighty would manifest His presence and I could feel the emanation of divine destiny. I listened as Minister Farrakhan began to teach on the Bible and the Jews. He explained that the Jews during Passover leave a plate for the "stranger" (who is believed to be Elijah). As he spoke he meant to say the name Yahweh or Jehovah, but instead he said YAHOVAH. Immediately I knew that YAHOVAH had given us a sign that the original Nation of Islam is the divinely resurrected Lost House of the Children of Israel.

Brothers and Sisters, do you want to impact on this world like nothing has ever impacted before? If you accept that you are truly the divinely resurrected Lost Sheep of the House of Israel you nor the world will ever be the same again. I can prove to you and the world beyond a shadow of any doubt that the original Nation of Islam is Ezekiel's "Dry Bones" of scriptures that have been long awaited by all the world. The dry bones which had been dead but stood up an exceedingly great army. Listen, brothers and sisters, to things that have never been explained properly before. For example, why did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad refer to the Nation as "The Lost Found Nation of Islam"? In the world of historians and religious scholars this makes absolutely no sense. To the Orthodox Muslim it simply appears that you are ignorant to Islamic history. Why? Because they know that there has never been a Lost Nation of Islam. Nowhere in the history of civilization has there ever been mentioned that once there was a nation of Islam that disappeared and has not been heard of since. So when the Messenger referred to us as the Lost Found Nation of Islam but taught primarily from the Bible and established a dietary rule far more strenuous than the orthodox Muslim diet it did not make Islamic sense. But in relationship to the ancient Biblical prophecy of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel it made perfect sense ********5


Because in virtually every Scriptural community in the earth there is knowledge that the northern kingdom of ancient Israel disappeared thousands of years ago and has not been heard of to this very day. During Muhammad ibn Abdullah's time the Israelite community that existed in Medina and who first believed in him thought that he was in fact calling these lost tribes together so as to fulfill biblical scriptures. When they finally realized that the resurrection of the Lost Sheep of Israel was not his mission they turned away from him. This is the Truth. The Supreme Council knows that I am telling you the truth that has not been told.

The Twenty-four Scientist have recorded the unwritten history and remember when Muhammad prayed towards Jerusalem originally. Why? Because Muhammad thought that he was the Mahdi of the scripture prophecy. He knew that the Mahdi was to turn the children of Israel back towards Jerusalem to pray. When he did so those Israelites living in Medina thought he was the Mahdi. When they realized that he did not have the knowledge of the true Mahdi they refused to accept him. Muhammad became upset and decided that he would not turn to Jerusalem but to Mecca.

The Qu'ran refers to the lost Sheep of the House of Israel as the Tribes. It calls them believers in Allah. This lost nation is the same lost nation that Yeshuah (Jesus) describes saying, "I am not sent but to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. And my beloved brothers and sisters, that is who you are: THE LOST FOUND HOUSE OF ISRAEL whom the Bible declares must first be raised up before the judgment can sit.

In the book of revelations an angel stands up with one foot on the earth and the other on the sea and cries, "hold back the four winds and hurt not the earth or the sea until we have sealed the 144,000 of all the tribes of Israel." This and much more divine wisdom will be revealed to you by YAHOVAH Allah as we are resurrected further from this dead level to a living perpendicular the likes of which the world has never seen. ******** ********6


The nations of the world will run to carry you on their shoulders because of the knowledge that will be revealed through you. Their salvation depends on you. There is no hope but through you the ancient resurrected Nation of Israel. The whole world will soon come to realize that we are backed by the very power of creation to usher in a new world of truth, justice and equality. As the Bible says, "no weapon that is fashioned by man will have power against you". UP YE MIGHTY NATION, YE CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT YE WILL.


Although Minister Farrakhan did not know it, but when he used the name YAHOVAH, Allah was using him to give me a sign of what direction I should take pertaining to the Nation of Islam - which was the reason I was told to attend his Savior's Day address. To use the proper pronunciation of the ancient and sacred name of the Lord of Host who established the Children of Israel thousands of years ago is a divine manifestation of destiny. The Almighty creator sent you and me a message that cannot be ignored.

The name YAHOVAH has never been used by any other people but the Children of Israel. It is so sacred that the Israelites were afraid to use it for fear that it might become common place. The Ashkenazi orthodox Jew is hoping that it was a slip of the tongue and would go un-noticed. They are praying that none of us realize that the lost knowledge of who we are is welling up unconsciously from the depths of our being. Why? Because they are sitting on our birthright! Yes, brothers and sisters the false white Jew is masquerading before the world as the original Israelites. They have duped the world into thinking that they are the birthright tribe of Israel that received the blessings. They have indeed received many of the blessings but only because they practice more of our knowledge than anyone else does, including, of course, us. ********7


What is the "birthright blessing"? The birthright blessing is the sacred gift of prosperity and power that was passed along from generation to generation through the tribes of Israel. The Jews will tell you that the birthright tribe was Judah. This is an outright lie. The learned elders know that the birthright tribe was the 13th tribe whose name was Ephraim. I know you thought that there were only 12 tribes. And you probably don't see the significance of all this. The Messenger told us many years ago that we have been made blind, deaf, and dumb to the knowledge of ourselves. He said that we don't know what its all about, but that the learned elders of the Jewish religion knew that this battle is for the power to rule the world.

Ephraim means "to be fruitful in affliction". It was called the "black sheep" of the family. This is where the term black sheep comes from. The Nation of Israel was ruled by the tribe of Ephraim. The Devil knew that this tribe was prophesied to rise up from the grave of ignorance and take back its position of authority and divine birthright. Thats why the devil has always been afraid of the number 13. Ephraim is the thirteenth tribe.

If you read "The Book of Ephraim" it will teach you in detail this and much more of the divine knowledge of your history. As the old song says, "you are the keeper of the castle". But you have been put to sleep and the devil hopes and prays to his pagan deity (whom he has called God for thousands of years) that you will remain asleep. The devil hides this knowledge in his freemasonry rituals. Go to the Duncan Ritual and see if what I am telling you is true or false. If you cannot find it then come to our meetings and we will show it to you clearly. You should not accept anything of the devils teachings on religion. Why would you accept the devils interpretation of religion and life when history proves that he is nothing but a liar and murderer? Do you realize that the earth has never had peace since the white race has ruled? Never in six thousands year has there been peace and contentment. ********8


I know this scares you but I have to tell you. The name god is the name of the white race's pagan idol. Thousands of years ago the white r??e worshiped an idol name god in Germany. The Germans were the first to translate our scriptures into a European language. Because they had been worshiping their deity named God for centuries and practicing pagan rites and rituals in this name they took the sacred name of YAHOVAH that was in our ancient scriptures and replaced it with God. They knew that if people worshiped and prayed to their pagan deity named God it would cut the true people of YAHOVAH off from their power. The devil's scientist knew that as long as the Children of Israel worshiped God they would remain powerless. So the Devil decided to deceive the entire world into worshiping God. As long as the Black race prays to God they will forever be slaves to the white race. Why? Its very simple and elementary. God is a white pagan deity. The white race conquered the world in the name of God. They enslaved the so-called American Negro in the name of God. They lynched and murdered us in the name of God. You think that this name is not important? Thats because you have fallen victim to it as well. The name Allah is a good name. It means "the All and All". All the ancient people of the book referred to the Almighty by this name. Our forefathers the Children of Israel called the Almighty Ellah which is the exact same as Allah. This was a title actually. Moses gave them a special name which the Almighty divinely revealed especially for the Children of Israel. That name was YAHOVAH. It was with this powerful name that they conquered and established their great nation. This name YAHOVAH is the key to unlocking the power of scripture. Take it with "The Book of Ephraim" and open the secrets of the Bible. You will be able to see things that have been hidden for thousands of years. Try it and see if I am speaking truth. ********9


What is "The Book of Ephraim"? "The Book of Ephraim" is a book that was given to me twenty years ago. Shortly after the Honorable Elijah passed I, like many other believers, was confused and disillusioned. I had fervently followed the Messenger's teaching and made the utmost sacrifice. I actually prayed for the truth. I asked Allah to make the truth plain and simple that I could really understand and not merely just accept. I meditated daily and fasted religiously for years. One day while I was studying the Bible I began to write. It was just as if the words poured out of my hands onto the paper. I did not have to think or figure out anything. The scripture references just popped up. I had never been one to memorize verses and numbers, but everything just fell into place. The only other book that I used other than the Bible was Smith's Bible Dictionary.

"The Book of Ephraim" was compiled in seven days and since that first day I have never been able to change one word. It is the exact same way it first came. It is difficult to read because it challenges everything you have been taught to believe. If you will study it you will never again be victimized by the lies that have been written into the Bible. It teaches about the importance of the sacred name of YAHOVAH. It explains that the Jews that are in Israel are not the true Priest of the Most High that would keep his holy things. It also tells that we, the resurrected House of Israel will bring peace to the holy land and usher in a new knowledge. As the Honorable Elijah prophesied, we must have a book to take us into the hereafter.

"The Book of Ephraim" destroys the power of the ancient idol God. The white devil insists that you use the name of his deity. Why should you use the name of a pagan idol that permitted you to be enslaved and butchered? How can this idol be your divine salvation? Why not use the sacred covenant name of YAHOVAH which was divinely given to you by Moses? The religion of Christianity will fall apart as soon as you stop praying to God and worshiping Jesus (which is E-Zeus - the Zeus) another pagan deity. ********10


The Messenger's Teachings were never those of orthodox Islam or derived from the Qu'ran. Take for instance His dietary law. The Qu'ran clearly states that Allah has prohibited only swine's flesh and blood and meat from animals of which you do not have knowledge of the manner of their death. However, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad forbade many types and kinds of food. For instance: clams, oysters, crabs, tuna, lobsters, greens, peanut butter, peas, pancakes, etc. Obviously his dietary law originated from a source other than Qur'an. Of course he made reference to Allah having taught it to him. A very similar, almost identical dietary law was given to the Children of Israel by Moses, who received it from YAHOVAH OF HOST. It was divinely established and designed to heighten the physical and mental functioning of the human being. There is no dietary law superior to it. The Qur'anic dietary law in comparison to our ancient dietary law is child's play. The Messenger's dietary law that he gave to the Nation of Islam is even superior to Moses' and was the foundation of all the modern so-called miracle diets that others have created great wealth from.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad constantly made reference to the Nation of Islam and his followers being the lost tribes spoken of in the Bible. It is well known that he called the movement the "Lost Found" Nation of Islam. For those versed in history it is readily acknowledged that there has never, at any time in ancient records or chronicles, arose a question as to "once there was a Nation of Islam that became lost in the earth".

On the contrary, however, history abounds with testimonies, declarations and assertions of a lost nation of Israel. As the Book of Ephraim clearly explains the lost sheep of the House of Israel are mentioned throughout the chronicles of history as having gone into slavery and never being heard of again.*******11

The identity of the Lost Found nation of Islam could be none other than the ancient Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.


The phrase of being "blind, deaf, and dumb" which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad consistently used in reference to the Black man and woman in America, is a term or phrase found in the Bible. It is used to describe none other than the Children of Israel in every case.
*"Hear ye deaf and look ye blind that ye may see. Thou seest **many things, but thou observest not; his ears are open but he **heareth not" Isaiah 42:18,20.
*"Bring forth the blind people that have eyes and the deaf that *have ears" Isaiah 43:8

Surprisingly, this phrase is also found in the Qu'ran but even in the Qur'an it is not describing anyone other than the Children of Israel:
*"We took the Covenant of the Children of Israel and sent *them apostles .... they thought there would be no trial (or *punishment). So they became blind and deaf; Yet Allah *(in mercy) turned to them; yet again many of them *became blind and deaf. But Allah sees well all that they *do" Sura 5:70,71

So as can be seen, the "blind, deaf, and dumb" can be none other than the Lost Children of the Nation of Israel. ********12


The Honorable Elijah Muhammad referred to himself as the the "Lamb" This reference is ONLY found in the Bible and describes the divinely guided leader who is prophesied to appear at the end of this world's rule and who is to resurrect the ancient Lost House of the Children of Israel. He will reestablish the sacred name of the creator which was given to Moses thousands of years earlier and then lost.
*"And I saw, and behold the Lamb standing on the Mount *Zion and with him a hundred and forty and four thousand *having his name and the name of his father written on their *foreheads." Rev. 14:1

The term "Lamb" is unquestionably associated with no group of people other than the Lost House of the Children of Israel.


This is truly a blessed time for all those who stood up in the Nation of Islam with the belief that they were forging a dynamic Nation. You weren't looking for religion you were following something in your spirit that drove you away from traditional religion. Something in you that told you that there was a divine mission ahead calling you to a greater purpose. Don't give up brothers and sisters. Don't settle for something that does not satisfy your hearts quest for greatness. I promise you that if you take hold to this message and pray and meditate upon it you will be blessed with the rewards that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke of. Money, good homes and friendship in all walks of life and even more. The power of creation is bringing about a universal change that can not be stopped. The nations of the world are powerless to stop your rise. ******** 13

Where is the Nation of Islam heading? To politics? Towards an orthodox Muslim sect? Where? In all sincerity and with all due respect to Minister Louis Farrakhan, I challenge anyone in the Nation of Islam to declare that the goals of today's Nation of Islam are the same as those established by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad?

You have lost your direction. Why? Because you have allowed others to cause you to deny the man who gave you birth. You have fallen from your former glory? Your power has faded just as the scripture says. But the scripture also says that you shall rise again. You used to be the economic fore runner of the Black community in America. Today you have become the tail? You excelled in business and self development. Today unfortunately you trail everyone. It's time for you to reclaim your position as vanguard to the movement. Do you realize that ever since we have denied the Messenger we have been unsuccessful?

I declare unto you this day; to all those reading these words that you will not know success and greatness by accepting orthodox Islam. You will not attain to your divine destiny of establishing the prophetic kingdom of universal peace and brotherhood on earth until you realize that you are the Covenant People of both the Bible and the Holy Qur'an and that your mission is to bring in a new way of life and new teachings for all the earth.

You are the most powerful nation of people on the planet. There is no one that can stand before you. Take hold of the truth and rebuild this fallen civilization. Can you imagine how the heathen will howl when they realize that you have finally come in the volume of the book?

The learned Elders of Zion know that you are the Lost House of Israel. They know that when you claim your place it will be as Yeshuah spoke in the parable of the Prodigal Son. The son who left his homeland and lived a life contrary to his nature but who at last came to himself and returned to his own. When his father saw him returning afar off he ran to him and kissed him and put a ring on his finger and a robe on his back and raised him up saying this my son who was before dead is now alive. Read these words and let the healing begin. ********14


The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

You are afraid to say that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was the Messenger of Allah, aren't you?

Think about it, the Messenger's title has been systematically removed from every piece of literature that he gave rise to. Do you think this has been accidental? Those who say they love him and follow him have let others decide that He was not worthy of being called The Messenger of Allah. I look in the newspaper and not one place does it refer to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the Messenger. It is my responsibility to remind each and every one of you that The Messenger was the source of all that we call the Nation of Islam, yet the Nation has lost sight of its direction. Somehow we think that we need to be involved with this wicked and deceptive political circus that parades itself to be "democracy".

You have been deceived. You are no longer in the Nation of Islam. You are in a black religious organization. An organization that lives and finds its sustenance from its members instead of providing sustenance.. An organization that claims others ideas as its own. An organization that takes in millions of dollars from its members and gives back nothing but smooth words that excite and momentarily inspires, but no sooner than you reach the streets of reality you realize that you are just as broke as before and you have not one clue as to how you are going to become a prosperous individual. (Editor's Note: Your leadership in the Nation of Islam has never told you how you can "come out of her....." Rev 18:4)

Stand up for the Messenger and I promise you YAHOVAH Allah will bless you with the former success we once enjoyed and even greater success. ******* ***